S3 is the company which takes care of the maintenance and servicing of the systems that are sold by Innoflow. Together, we strive to make sure that the customer’s wastewater requirements are met and that they receive the highest quality service as well.


S3 is the only authorized service agent of Advantex Systems in the Pacific (NZ and Australia). Our primary role is to service wastewater treatment plants. Part of that service is providing sampling, annual reports and scheduling of the annual service of domestic wastewater systems.

We go the extra mile and see to it that as clients use our system, they also get the 3 year warranty that allows us to provide maintenance for their units. In addition, we provide maintenance for all Advantex range including the replacement of parts if needed.

Why we do what we do

We do what we do because we know we can provide the best service, maintenance and solutions to our clients. We bring with us the expertise and thorough knowledge of wastewater systems that allows us to give the best service and maintain the systems for durability and longevity. This also enables us to handle potential client concerns the best way possible.

We have a special alarm and alert system which allows us to be notified of irregularities in the system. We are alerted before the owners themselves and we have 24 hours to troubleshoot and fix the problem before it actually becomes one. More often than not, it is nothing major and can be fixed remotely. If it cannot be solved remotely, then we schedule a technician to come check it out and see what needs to be done.

Main thing to remember

We want our clients to fully trust us to take care of their system because we are the experts in this field.

Regularly asked questions

Here are some of our customers’ primary concerns:

How we calm their fears

We calm our clients fears by assuring them that the waste coming out of the system, like our AX15, is normally treated and that as a result it produces clear, odorless and reusable effluent. Essentially, clean water is released out into the open.

We also reassure clients that ph levels and discharge are regularly checked through reports and on site testings.

The AX15 produces the same, great “re-use” quality effluent produced by all AdvanTex® systems, ready for re-use for subsurface irrigation. A responsible, green solution to household water and wastewater needs!

Learn more about AX15

What our customers say about us

Our customers appreciate that we have full knowledge of the whole site history. As users and owners change, providing the full history makes the transition smooth and seamless.

There is no better gauge to know if we are the best in what we do than asking the district councils throughout New Zealand. Over the years, we have become the number one on their go to list and recommended as the best service provider for their wastewater requirements.

If you want to know if this is true, then ring the district council for Waiheke and see for yourself.


Our vision is to be the best, without fail or without doubt in people’s minds, giving them the full assurance that when they deal with us they are getting the real thing.


Let's talk so we can discuss some idea and options to get you moving forward with your project or research for your wastewater needs.