Innoflow distributes many products for residential septic systems ranging from simple filters to sophisticated treatment plants. We begin with the end in mind by offering environmentally sustainable treatment of wastewater flows.

How the system works?

Our treatment systems are the best solution for new installations, small sites, difficult soils, system upgrades or repairs, pretreatment, disinfection and nitrogen reduction. If your home or business is not connected to a central sewer system, you will need an onsite wastewater system. All your household wastewater will be collected and treated on the spot (on site).

All onsite system starts with an underground septic tank that receives the wastewater from the house. There, the raw waste naturally separates into settled solids, floating material and liquid effluent - a process called primary treatment.

Primary Treatment

Primary treatment is a passive and very reliable process providing 70% of the necessary wastewater treatment with no energy input. As long as the tank is watertight, the solids remain in the tank for years, while microorganisms slowly break them down to a fraction of their volume. Every 8-12 years, the remaining solids are pumped out of the tank by a service provider.

Innoflow's AdvanTex treatment system begins with primary treatment. It then uses a packed bed reactor to treat to advance level. The effluent enters the primary tank, the liquid level moves through the Biotube filter and is pumped over the packed bed reactor/textile filter. Here is where the treatment takes place. The cleaned effluent is then gravity fed into the treated effluent tank (TET tank) ready to be pumped to the disposal area.

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What’s in it for you?

The AdvanTex system provides treatment that is reliable and consistent under real-life conditions as opposed to controlled testing environments. In fact, it is one of the only treatment systems that cannot disperse effluent without providing treatment first. There is no way the process can short circuit so even during the unlikely event of a major system malfunction, your disposal field is protected.

For the primary treatment, there are two systems to choose from:

Gravity Systems

Innoflow offers a range of general products for gravity wastewater systems. Depending on the size and terrain of your site, you may install an onsite system that discharges effluent to the disposal field via gravity. As wastewater flows into the tank at the inlet, it displaces the water in the tank to the outlet.

It is important to choose a quality septic tank in this type of system. Your septic tank should be structurally sound, of the right size and watertight. Keep in mind that the quality type will be able to remove about two thirds of the waste water contaminants. Make sure your septic tank is also accessible and fitted out with heavy-duty, bolted lids. This makes it easier for us to check and pump if necessary, on sludge and scum levels. The bolted lids are also necessary to keep kids and pets safe at all times.

A Biotube Effluent Filter on the outlet of your septic tank protects the disposal field from particles that could clog and damage it, extending the life of the disposal field. Learn more (product brochure of Biotube effluent filter)

Pumped Systems

Where section size is limiting, or if a higher level of treatment and control is required, Innoflow offers a pumped solution. Still a cost-effective method of primary treatment, the pumped solution offers the same filtration technology as the gravity option with the added benefit of pumping for elevated areas, areas some distance away, or if timer controlled dosing is required.

This system makes use of the filtering pump vault with the patented Biotube filter. This filter removes two-thirds of the suspended solids and has several times the capacity of other filters. The result is
extending the life of your drainfield through reduced clogging.

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Secondary Treatment

Secondary or advanced wastewater treatment is quickly becoming a standard requirement. This process takes septic tank effluent and purifies it to a higher level (advanced treatment) before it is dispersed through a drip field.

Media filter technology, which has been around for hundreds of years, still offer the best method. It remains unparalleled in terms of effluent quality produced, cost to run and longevity of system components.

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The AdvanTex AX15

The natural choice for wastewater treatment

Quality Treatment, at a Competitive Price

Orenco’s AdvanTex® AX15 is a completely pre-packaged “plug & play” AdvanTex® Treatment System that installs as easily as a septic tank. Its simplified design reduces cost for excavation, installation and O&M, giving you quality wastewater treatment at a competitive price.

All-in-1, Pre-plumbed System

The AX15 combines all tanks into a single, shallowly-buried unit. All interior components are installed and adjusted at the factory, saving installation time and costs on site.

Ideal for Repair/Replacement of Failing Systems

Many existing septic systems are at the end of their useful life. The AX15 can replace a failing system in a fraction of the space and cost.

Clear, Odorless, Re-Usable Effluent

The AX15 produces the same, great “re-use” quality effluent produced by all AdvanTex® systems, ready for re-use for subsurface irrigation. A responsible, green solution to house hold water and wastewater needs!

Low Power Costs, Low Maintenance Costs

Average power costs for the AdvanTex® system are $6 to $8 per month, that’s less than $100 per year. Maintaining the system is easy and comes with a maintenance contract upon installation. It also comes with an AdvanTex AX15 Warranty.

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The AdvanTex AX20

Outstanding treatment at a low whole-of-life cost

Environmentally Stable Treatment

The Orenco AdvanTex® AX20 provides consistent, high quality treatment at an affordable running cost. The system is compact, lightweight and ideally suited for use in any residential application. It provides the needed protection for your drainfield, the environment and generally for the public health.

Less Tanks, Less Hassles

The AX20 is supplied as a fully-assembled package, what we call our FAP system, comprising the main tank and separate final pump chamber. It requires very little space to install making it ideal for homeowners who prefer more use of their yards and for small sites. Compared with other systems using several individual tanks, time and costs are saved on the installation of the system.

Low Energy, Low Lifetime Costs

While the system may cost a little more upfront, in the long run the AX20 is more cost-efficient. With power costing no more than $8/month with one service annually compared to 2 or 4, the AX20 is unmatched in terms of treatment quality produced. Low maintenance requirements, pumping cost and replacement of equipment are also factors that make the AX20 a preferred system to most homeowners.

The Media is the Key

The AdvanTex is the only system in New Zealand with a proven track record over a number of years using 'aligned textile' (hanging sheets). Unlike traditional sand filter media beds, the sheets can be housed down (should it be required in extreme circumstances) and unlike peat and foam cubes, the media does not degrade or collapse over time.

Independently Tested with Proven Performance

In several 3rd party trials, the AdvanTex AX20 has been proven to provide a very high quality of treatment, for both standard parameters (BOD, TSS) and nutrients, particularly nitrogen. It also comes with the AdvanTex Residential Warranty. For the installation guidelines, you can choose between Method 1 and Method 2. To get to know more about the AX general installation guidelines, please click here.

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